The kitchen is the heart of a home. It represents the health and wellness of a family. Food prepared in the kitchen nourishes us, and the kitchen also provides a place for nurturing family connections. According to Feng Shui—an ancient Chinese philosophy of creating balance to improve well-being— kitchens also represent a family’s prosperity. The Chinese relate the nourishing power of the stove to the ability of family members to earn money. So, it’s not far off to say that it’s probably one of the most important rooms in a house.The Kitchen is also one of the highest selling point of a home. When looking at several properties on the market, an appraiser will consider the “All mighty Triangle” which is the Kitchen, The Bathroom and the Bedroom to determine the price of a home. The more modern and upgraded it is the better value the home will be.




Marie Burgos

Feng Shui designer