Designing with white is pretty easy. It is hard to go wrong when decorating with white. The only risk you take is that your home will look boring.

It can be nice to design with white because it can be used with any other color. White makes other colors seem to stand out. Too much white in an already bright room can be overbearing. Too much white can also seem clinical, and lack personality.

White can be combined with blue or green and really bring a fresh and clean look to a room. 

Often, people who are renting their homes are stuck with white walls. These people can make their homes look much brighter just with the use of colorful furniture or accent pieces. This can create a modern look.

White is a bright color that makes rooms look larger. It is great to use white in a room that is too dark, white does a good job of making rooms feel brighter. 

White is the Feng Shui Color of Purity and Innocence, White is also the fresh snow or the immaculate dress of a beautiful bride, pure White Color fascinates us with its feng shui energy of Innocence and Tranquility.

Feng shui-wise, White is the color that belongs to the feng shui elemental balance. Its feng shui energy is crisp, clear, clean and fresh. White is the color of beginnings, as well as clear endings. 

Excellent for feng shui use anywhere in your home, especially to contrast brighter colors; White Color is highly recommended for the feng shui areas where Metal is the dominant element, such as creativity area and the Helpful people and Travel area (according to the Bagua.) 



Having a fresh, White space - be it your meditation room or your bathroom - will soothe your psyche and spread healing feng shui vibrations throughout your home. 

It will also fill your subconscious with the feng shui energy of ever-expanding possibilities and a bright new future. 

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Marie Burgos

Feng Shui Interior Designer