Red is a vibrant and stimulating color that is believed to bring good fortune and happiness. 

Red is a very bold color which sometimes intimidate people. They are not sure how to use it in design and are afraid it will look too much of a strong color. 

It can actually really affect people moods, making shy people more courageous for example. It also brings passion and excitement to people’s life. Red can really make people feel empowered. 

In Feng Shui, Red is a fire color that will bring new prospects ahead and enhance energies. It is also associated with the recognition and fame area of the bagua. 

In design, I always recommend using red to bring warmth and comfort to a room. There are multitude of shades of red so depending of the room and the habitants tastes  a cranberry red, an orange red, a burgundy red, just to cite a few, can be used.

Sometimes to create drama or warmth, you can paint an accent wall in red . You can also paint an entire room red as long as the furniture pieces of the room are in a more neutral colors.

Also, red can be implanted in major pieces of furniture in the room to make a dramatic statement or bring sexiness to the room or Red can just be infused in a room through accessories or lighting.

Using too much red in a room where occupants don’t want to feel exited is not a good idea. For instance if your child has excess energy, it is not recommended to paint his bedroom in red. Also, red has been recognized to increase blood pressure and heart rate so if the room main occupant suffers from those health issues already, this color is not the best option for them .

Often red is used in dining rooms, Kitchens, and even restaurants. This is a great color to increase appetite.


I have used it in this bedroom design as a one accent wall for a woman who was looking for a passionate relationship in her life. After a few weeks, she actually found this special person...

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Marie Burgos

Feng Shui Interior Designer