The daybed is an extraordinary piece of furniture with multi-purposes that has a long history dating back to the medieval times. This means that some form of the daybed frame has been around for centuries. However, they have gone through many changes throughout the years.

The designs created by the ancient Greek, Roman and the Egyptian artisans and designs made during the Victorian Age were the foundation for all the designs that are available today. It seems that every culture has some form of daybed frame ranging from the very simple to the complex. It has always been an essential part of any home and still holds value today.

A cross between chaise long, couch and a bed.

Daybeds typically feature a back and sides and come in Twin Size (38" x 75"). Often they will also feature a trundle to expand sleeping capacity.

Different from regular beds, they  can be put in the living rooms or drawing room and are meant for relaxing during the daytime. Perfect to be curled up in with a book. Great fun to lounge with loved ones or by yourself on a lazy afternoon.

Here a few of my favorite daybeds designs! Which one is your favorite?


The top photo is of the Mandalay Daybed at Williams-Sonoma Home. The basket weave rattan gives it a natural warmth while its rectilinear shape keeps things modern.


The Taru Daybed from Z Gallerie has caned back and sides. Its canopy manages to make a simple piece of furnishing into a semi-private retreat.


Most of daybeds leave much to be desired when it comes designs. However the Cocoon Daybed doesn’t suffer from the same fate and we are thankful for that. This sexy bed is made of hard wood and one can choose between a wenge or natural finsh.The contoured head panel  and the movable tablet are the highlight of the bed.


The Lumper Lounger from Jonathan Adler offers an contemporary elegance with an all tufted look.


A reproduction of the classic designed by Mies Van Der Rohe in 1929 which you can find here.  Incredible quality Italian leather!


Darby Daybed from J. Robert Scott- An elegant shape, art deco style piece of furniture in red mahogany and a luxurious grey velvet fabric.


Canyon Daybed from Powell & Bonnell- Contemporary daybed with a maple hardwood frame and luxurious silk striped fabric. Very classy!


Cicero Daybed by  NiedermaierFully upholstered with maple wood frame base.


Cadan Wing Bench by  DESIGNLUSHCroc. Embossed Leather with Acrylic leg


Louise Daybed by OdegardThe earliest examples of the Day Bed have been found in Egyptian tombs of the 1st Dynasty (3100 BC). The renowned designer Paul Mathieu has re-interpreted this classic form. Paul’s low, curvaceous interpretation is a contemporary homage to the traditional Indian craft of metal clad furniture. This elegant piece is hand carved from solid pieces of teak and hend clad in your choice of any of our metal finishes; copper, brass, white metal, or silver.

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Which one of these daybeds is your favorite ? Do you think that you are likely to buy a daybed for your home in the near future? If so please let me know about it by leaving a comment!