Title: The Feng Shui of your Food Location: JenaWellness 1133 Broadway Suite #1107, New York, NY 10010Description: Marie Burgos,Interior Designer and Feng Shui expert for Manoblue Design LLC will explain how to improve your energy by optimizing the Feng Shui of your Food and making your dining experience a nourishing and happy everyday life event.  


Learn how to create the best atmosphere in your kitchen and dining room with Feng Shui. Set up your energy kitchen. Discover the yin and yang of good food. Improve the harmony of friends and family and tranquility of your dining experience including the perfect romantic table setting. Fun and practical tips will be shared and explored to establish a favorable feng shui life in cooking, serving and dining.Start Time: 6:30Date: 2008-10-08End Time: 8:00