More tips for making your small space feel bigger:

1-Lighting is a major factor for creating a spacious look. Well lit rooms will always look bigger that darker ones. The best lighting is natural light. Choose sheer curtains for more natural light. Artificial light is also good. You can use a combination of ceiling lamps, floor lamps, table lamps and tasks lamps. Those are really great for creating an ambiance.

2- Use mirrors. The light bounces on them to create more space. They are esthetically appealing, they make rooms and especially corridors look wider and they support your life. According to Feng Shui, they bring great energy. In fact, a mirror represent the water element in Feng Shui. It supports your journey and your career. Imagine a beautiful river that brings in new opportunities such as a new job, new connections or relationship in your life... Also, if you pair it with a plant, it supports your wealth. 



3- Another way of creating this space is by using transparent furniture or accessories. For instance, You can choose a  coffee tables with a glass top.

Manoblue  Design also design for smaller spaces. A design based on Feng shui principles allows the space to flow better and use natural elements and colors that will support the vision of their client and the style they want in their space.  

Marie Burgos