Feng Shui BedroomWe all want Happiness, Love, Money, Family, Health…


But what is your strategy to get those things?

Most of us work really hard for everything… and some wonder if there is not an easier way… I use Feng Shui.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which utilizes Chi, the energy in your environment, to balance and enhance things by specifically placing objects around you to support you in reaching your goals. 

So why waste all your energy if you can use a mirror, a lamp or an image to do the job for you?

Whether you think you are in a good place, or you are yet to get there, a few Feng Shui tips can help you clear the way to getting what you want.

1-  Remove clutter: clutter creates stagnant energy and prohibits energy flow. Since most of your energy is tied up in the clutter in your environment, it only weights you down. It keeps you stuck in the energy of the past and contributes to obstacles and frustrations. Enable the energy to move freely through your environment by clearing out things that are no longer relevant to your life.

2- Pay attention to pictures and objects in your space:  pictures on your wall are speaking to you constantly. Do you have pictures that denote sadness, loneliness, violence, fatigue or do you have images that speak of dreams, abundance, vitality, peace and harmony? It is also valid for objects around you…It is important not to keep broken objects as well as they carry that energy. So having pictures and objects that speak positively to you will surround you with that energy.

3- Have only what you love around you: Everything in your environment holds an energy that either supports you or drains you. Take away things you do not absolutely love and the rest will support you. If you don’t like something, release it even if it was a gift. Surround yourself with things you love to bring more of that which you love into your life. 


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