picture-22 Creating a haven of calm in your own bathroom is becoming a life essential with our busy schedules and many responsibilities.

The bathroom is the place where you can close the door on your problems.  It is where you can be free from outside tribulations, family life and just be yourself.

You can just lock the door, feel a bath with essential scented oils and unwind in hot soaking water, freeing all muscles aches, letting go of all problems and stress of the day and allowing your spirit to redo the world…

As Feng Shui highlights it, bathrooms can represent a drain on your finances, especially if they are located in the Wealth area of your home. So if you thinking of adding up a new bathroom to your property, find out if the location would be auspicious for your finances.

When remodeling your bathroom, think about the different parameters that would give it value, a sense of comfort and bring positive chi energy. Here are some helpful guidelines:


1- Place a mirror over the sink for cleaning and shaving but also to expand the space for more Chi energy to circulate.

2- displaying a selection of healthy round leave plants to bring more chi into the room and absorb any stagnant humidity.

3- Keep the bathroom door and the toilet lid closed to prevent from the negative draining effect.

4- Choose pastels shades such as soft pinks, peaches, creams and biscuit tones for your bathroom walls as they are very soothing.

5- Install strong lighting to increase the chi and boost the energy in a humid atmosphere.

6-choose aromatic soaps, essential oils, incense, candles to fill the atmosphere with a wonderful aroma and peace.

7- Create a stylish, attractive bathroom using a range of accessories that helps create a theme making your bathroom a special place to be. But Keep surfaces as free as possible from bath products if not in use.

8- Repair leaks immediately as they represent finances loss.


1- Keep out of date drugs in your medicine cabinet. Disgard or return to the pharmacist any tablets, creams or syrups that are past the expiry date or you will encourage more ill health in the family

2- Store toilet paper and cleaning products on the floor and around the bath but put them away in a close cabinet to promote better Chi and prevent accidents

3- Place the bathroom in the center of the home this would allow waste energies and odors to circulate everywhere (valid for new constructions or renovations)

4- Have your toilet or bath opposite your front door, as these are places you need privacy and protection. If you have this layout, place a screen or plants between the toilet or bath and the door.

5- Leave your bathroom door open if it gives directly onto another room or your front door. Keep it shut at all times to prevent negative energy spreading through the rest of the home.

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