picture-20 A child’s bedroom is often a multipurpose room. It needs to feel safe and secure. It also needs to be a total haven for the child.

This space needs to be suitable for fun playing, developing creative activities, entertaining wit friends, reading, learning, listening to music. All very active tasks but also, It has to be a place where the child can rest and renew his body and sleep. This is particularly important for children as they are still developing mentally, physically and  spiritually.

It is important to create areas of activities using furniture or screens to separate the Yin Chi of the sleeping area from the Yang Chi necessary for study and play. Otherwise the sleep of the child could be restless and disturbed if not protected. Encourage the child to tidy up before going to bed to keep the Chi moving. Stagnant Chi creates lethargy and lack of motivation.

Help your child  feel safe and secure by creating his special place with design and decoration.


1- Paint the walls in white or pastel colors to bring calming energy into the room.

2- Place the bed diagonally opposite the door as this enable the child to see who is coming in the room, giving him a feeling of safety and security.

3-Place the bed(s) against a solid wall as it gives much more support than the window. Position the bed head ensuring  that nothing such as a shelf, a cupboard, a beam or a sloping ceiling lies over the head of the child. These all create downward energy pressure causing very restless sleep.

4- Separate the room in two main areas, one sleeping space and a play/work area, using a screen or tall book cases to separate yin and yang energies.

5-Keep the space under the bed clutter free so that your child sleeps blissfully.

6- Add colorful bed linen, wall hangings and pictures to make the room bright and inviting. This is perfect for a lively child.

7- Adapt the bedroom as the child grows up from nursery and play area to teenager’s den with work space and activities/ hobbies spaces.

8- Choose storage that the child can reach to get him in the good habit to put its clothes and toys away. So they have a peaceful area in which to sleep.


1- Place an aquarium in the child bedroom as the water and movement of the fish are too overpowering for this space.

2- Use bunk beds for children in the same bedroom as compressions is an issue for the child on the bottom bed. Opt for twin beds with solid headboards and rounded corners instead.

3- Use bright colored walls such as red or yellow or have busy patterns  curtains. Those can overstimulate an active child and prevent him to rest properly.

4- Overcrowd the space as it affects how children function. Allow plenty of storage space.

5- Keep too many books in the bedroom or have them displayed in close cabinets  as they are too yang

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